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Starting a project with LEADER De Kracht van Salland

LEADER is part of the European Programme for Rural Development (POP3).

What is LEADER?

The programme is being implemented between 2015 and 2020. LEADER focuses on the economic, ecological and social empowerment of rural areas. Salland has once again drawn up a Leader programme, namely 'LEADER The Power of Salland'.

LEADER De Kracht van Salland (The Power of Salland)

De Kracht van Salland is a close-knit network of residents, organisations and government agencies. Together we are working on a thriving Salland. Knowledge, information and ideas are contributed to and shared with the network. It is a breeding ground where ideas are transformed into worthwhile projects. The main focus is on local strength, an integrated approach, knowledge transfer and making contacts. The government agencies facilitate and stimulate where necessary. LEADER is one of the sub-programmes of De Kracht van Salland.

Local Action Group

The implementation of LEADER De Kracht van Salland is in the hands of the Local Action Group (LAG). The LAG is made up of representatives from agriculture, tourism, nature and countryside, education, entrepreneurs, village interest groups, young people, cultural organisations, care and government agencies (municipalities and water boards).

Turn your idea into a project

  • If you have a project idea, and you think it meets the selection criteria (see below), please contact your Local Action Group. The LEADER coordinator is your first point of call. This will be followed by an intake interview and you will receive information about the possibilities of LEADER and other potential subsidies.
  • After this you can submit your project idea to the LAG, which will evaluate it to see if it stands a chance of getting a LEADER contribution. This is an informal evaluation.
  • The LAG will then help you develop the idea into a plan and possibly put you in touch with other partners in the network.
  • Once the idea has been worked out into a project plan, you can submit your formal application to the Netherlands Enterprise Agency [Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland] via will then check to see if your application is complete and complies with EU regulations. After this will forward your application to the LAG for the substantive check.
  • The LAG will then check the plan against the criteria of the 'Local Development Strategy - Leader De Kracht van Salland' (see below).
  • If the application is assessed positively, will draw up a subsidy decision on behalf of the province of Overijssel.
  • After that you will be able to get started with the implementation of your project! Based on progress reports and the investments paid you will, on each occasion, receive part of the contribution. This means you will need to pre-finance the project yourself.
  • You can continue to make use of the knowledge available in the LEADER De Kracht van Salland network after the start of your project as well.

Selection criteria

The LAG assesses whether the project contributes to one or more themes of LEADER De Kracht van Salland:


  • Participation
  • Healthy living


  • Nature and countryside, water, agriculture
  • Circular economy


  • Rural Weconomie (cooperation between entrepreneurs)
  • Innovation and knowledge sharing education/industry

If your plan gives People, Planet and Profit (integrality) a boost, it will score more points. The LAG furthermore assesses the extent to which the project meets the Leader criteria:

  • Bottom-up initiative, support
  • Innovative
  • Area-specific, added value for Salland
  • Collaboration
  • Transfer of knowledge and experience
  • Feasibility
  • Value for money (efficient)

Which area does it involve?

LEADER De Kracht van Salland involves the municipalities of Deventer, Olst-Wijhe and Raalte, with the exception of the city of Deventer. Only the villages and districts of Colmschate-Noord and Colmschate-Zuid and De Hoven of the municipality of Deventer belong to the LEADER area. The projects must be implemented in (or be of benefit to) this LEADER area. In addition to Salland there are many other LEADER areas in the Netherlands and the European Union.

Who can submit an application?

Anyone from the LEADER area can submit an application, for example:

  • Residents of the LEADER area
  • (Groups of) entrepreneurs
  • Foundations and associations
  • (Local) interest groups
  • (Civil society) organisations

LEADER contribution

The LEADER contribution is a financial contribution from the European Union, which represents a percentage of the one-off investment costs of your project. The amount of the LEADER contribution varies. The LEADER coordinator can explain this to you during a meeting. In addition to the European LEADER contribution, the province, municipalities and water boards also make co-financing available. As the initiator you also have to look for other financing, for example from funds, sponsoring, loans or own resources. No money is available from LEADER to cover the annual running costs. After the project phase the initiative has to be able to sustain itself. A total of about EUR 3 million will be invested in Salland. Of this 25% will come from the European Union, 25% from the province, municipalities and water boards and 50% from third parties (personal contribution, private individuals, funds, etc.).

Getting started!

If you have a project idea, then join LEADER De Kracht van Salland. Call or e-mail one of the LEADER coordinators:

Or come to one of the Salland Caf├ęs.

More information is also available at: